Breadsticks are an ideal meal for every moment of the day. Rich in protein, with low-fat are ideal for a careful and healthy diet. Made from the purest ingredients and herbs of Greek land, they invite you to discover them by traveling you to a feast of flavors.


Handmade cookies with extra virgin olive oil, sesame and a variety of aromatics. Ideals to accompany coffee, tea and any beverage.

Petit four

The most fluffy petit four stuffed with excellent flavors you'll love. Ideally for every hour of the day!

Luxury bisquits

Delicious luxury bisquits for every moment of the day. Choose from simple bisquits of coconut, apricot, walnut, vanilla chocolate and many more unique flavors and accompany your coffee or tea all the time.

Salty tastes

Salty flavors with pieces of pepper, carrot, olive, natural spinach and chips with oregano. A delicious choice for every moment of the day.

Sfoliatinia & Handmade

Sfoliatinia and handmade bisquits with pure and fresh ingredients that awaken the memories of our childhood.

Created by Passion4Design